Elden F. Ray Jr., P.E.
INCE Board Certified

Mr. Ray is a Professional Engineer having over 20 years experience in acoustical design, noise control and analyses, product design and development, testing and analyses of equipment including industrial sites and power plants. In addition, Mr. Ray has over ten years experience in the construction industry. Mr. Ray is Board Certified by INCE, a national and international professional organization that is made up of noise control and acoustical professionals across industry.

Mr. Ray has over eight years direct experience working with combustion turbine noise control and inlet and exhaust system aerodynamics including the design of inlet and exhaust system silencers. He computer models industrial and power plant sites and performs acoustical analysis of such sites using Cadna AŽ, and other in-house developed computer models to determine the necessary noise controls to bring a site into compliance with regulatory requirements or to be compatible with the existing acoustical environment. He performs certification surveys for compliance, environmental sound surveys, and assesses community – environmental noise impacts.

Mr. Ray’s experience includes over ten years in machinery noise control and analyses on military ships and systems having steam turbines, generators, propulsion systems, electronic control systems, and other mechanical and fluid control systems. His degrees in engineering and architecture, and construction experiences give him unique qualifications in designing for noise control or mitigation applications and works to achieve cost effective solutions.


"Measurement uncertainty in conducting environmental sound level measurements"

Noise Control Eng. J. Vol. 48, No. 1 (Jan-Feb 2000)

"Remediation of Excessive Power Plant Noise Emissions"

Inter-noise 99, 6-8 Dec. 1999, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Active Control of Low Frequency Turbine Exhaust Noise," Walker, Hersh, Celano, and Ray,

Noise-Con 2000, 3-5 December 2000, Newport Beach, CA

Professional: Education:

Professional Engineer, Mechanical B.S. Ocean Engineering, Aug. 1980

Registered, Delaware, No. 7793 Concentrating in Noise Control & Acoustics

February, 1991 Florida Atlantic Univ. Boca Raton, FL

A.S. in Architecture, May 1976

St. Petersburg Junior College, FL

Continuing Education:

Flow Generated Aero-Dynamic Noise; Penn State, Jun. ‘97

  • Aerodynamic Noise of Turbomachines; Penn State, Jul. '94
  • Acoustic Boundary Element Modeling; Univ. of Kentucky, Jan. '91


    American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Member

    Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE) Member, Board Certified

    ANSI B133.8 Subcommittee Member, Gas Turbine Noise Emissions


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    Phone: (703) 753-1602
    Fax: (703) 753-1522

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    Elden F. Ray Jr., P.E.
    Hessler Associates, Inc.
    7521 Virginia Oaks Drive
    Gainesville, VA 20155