George F. Hessler Jr., P.E., Bd. Cert. INCE



Mr. Hessler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. He is a State licensed Professional Engineer and is Board Certified by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE).

Mr. Hessler has over 40 years of direct experience in engineering acoustics for the control of noise emissions from power plant facilities. Early experience was gained as a Senior Project Engineer for a leading manufacturer of noise abatement equipment, followed by a position as Chief, Structural and Acoustics Engineer for Turbo Power and Marine, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, a major designer and manufacturer of combustion turbines. In that capacity, Mr. Hessler was responsible for the control of noise emissions at nearly 300 combustion turbine sites in the U.S. and throughout the world. Many new and innovative acoustic designs were developed for critically sensitive sites during this period.

Mr. Hessler formed Hessler Associates, Inc. in 1976 to provide acoustical consulting services, principally to the power industry. The firm routinely prepares noise assessment studies for small and major power projects throughout the world ranging in capacity from 1 MW to over 1000 MW. Such studies involve ambient & certification noise measurement surveys and computer modeling to predict and control noise emissions from planned facilities.

Mr. Hessler has written and licenses computer programs used in the industry for predicting sound levels from power plant equipment. Mr. Hessler and associates of the firm have published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and technical conference papers in engineering acoustics.

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